Omkar (om chanting)

Meaning: “OM”, which is derived from the root “nu” Meaning “to praise”, to which is added the prefix “pra”,denoting superiority. The word therefore means “the best praise” or “the best prayer”

How to do: (a) Sit erect in any comfortable position; inhale fully to your own capacity, but slowly and gently, with minimum effort. (b) Now slowly start exhaling, reciting the word A-U-M. The sound of A+ U is pronounced as an “0” ,which is pronounced for a short time (3-4 seconds), and then lips are lightly closed to make the sound “M”, which is prolonged as much as possible. It can be recited either in a low or a medium pitch. (c) While reciting, the abdomen slowly and gradually contracts and, after reciting, the abdomen is relaxed back to the original position (neither pulled in nor pushed out). (d) After one recitation, you can repeat immediately or after a couple of breaths. (Better results are seen when omkar is preceded by pranayam, Ref. Bhagwal Puran 11:14:32-35)

Eyes: Closed peacefully

Mind: While reciting concentrate on the sound, if it Is in low pitch, direct your attention towards inner self, and if it is high pitch, direct it merely on the prolonged “M” sound and breathing.

Body: Straight but relaxed, face in the front and experience the sensations felt in the body Let there be an expression of smile on your face (Yogic Joy) as though one is sitting for prayer in a mosque. church or a temple.

Duration / Repetition: This can be done minimum 3-10 times. Precautions Make sure that sound is rhythmic and musical, The Om chant should have the resounding sound of a bell. (like the ringing of a bell in a church or temple). Don’t get exhausted at the end, i.e. don’t go beyond your capacity,

Benefits: Low pitch recitation helps in directing attention towards inner self, and medium pitch helps in balancing your attention equally, between spiritual and worldly Affairs. Inhalation gives us energy to perform various activities, whereas exhalation gives us relaxation. OM is a prolonged exhalation; hence it gives a relaxing effect. During recitation of OM, attention is focused on the prolonged sound. Longer  the sound, longer becomes the attention span. Long attention span means increased concentration of mind. Increased concentration means less distraction hence the thought process becomes quieter  A quiet mind quietens the emotional chaos. Calm emoCions allow the mind to work harmoniously. Ultimately one gets yogic joy. The vibrations produced by the letter “M” in OM rise through the region behind the 3 nasal cavity and rise above hitting on to the pituitary gland. As the pituitary is connected to the hypothalamus, it also experiences the vibrations. As a result of this stimulus, the secretion of certain hormones is enhanced bringing a positive effect on the body, mind and bringing a positive effect on the body, mind and emotions. If practiced for a longer period and regularly, ‘Ajna Chakra’ is activated. OM symbolizes the ‘Anahat Naad’ or the Original Sound waves’ of the universe. This comprises all the things – matter and energy. Those who want to chant ‘Allah’, ‘Amen’, they can do that as well.

Note : In this advanced method ‘Omkar’ repetitions can be extended up to 21 times.

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