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America’s leading provider of EECP Prashivyog treatments


Prashivyog was founded in 1999 under the name “IPC”.


We are based in Mumbai location with a fully equipped clinic.


Prahivyog proven approach to EECP is trusted by more than 1,000 physicians.


Every year, Prashivyog performs more than 40,000 EECP treatments.

About Us

We are a health and wellness club based in Juhu, with a mission to empower the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of every individual who is truly seeking natural healthcare.

Dr. Pratiksha G Gandhi, a multi – faceted young Preventive Cardiologist of Mumbai, is variously described as a missionary in preventive heart care, a chelation expert, EECP Therapist and an activist supporting the movement for non-invasive cardiac treatment. After completing her MBBS from G.S. Medical College, KEM Hospital, Mumbai, she pursued with a M.D. degree from Mumbai University. She is a Gold medallist in Public Health from the college of Physicians and Surgeons, and also stood first with distinction in Diploma in Hospital Administration.

To address growing concern of the silent epidemic, which is afflicting millions, she has started an NGO ‘Institute of Preventive Cardiology Foundation’ which has launched a nation wide program to prevent and reverse heart disease. An excellent orator, she has been an invitee speaker at a number of seminars and symposiums of medical practitioners worldwide. She was a Chairperson in Preventive Cardiology session in the World Congress on Interventional Cardiology, held in Mumbai.. She has been invited by various corporates and social organizations to conduct preventive cardiology programs through which she has educated over fifty thousand individuals.

She is popular through her various TV programs and over three hundred publications in the various leading newspapers and magazines where her message has reached over millions of people. Her mission is to reach each and every home and create a Good Heart Ambassador in every home who will ensure heart disease is prevented so that WHO statistics of every fourth Indian succumbing to heart disease by the year 2015 will be just statistics and not a reality.


Who We Are at Heart

At Prashivyog, core values aren’t just words on paper. To really make a difference for our patients, their families, and the cardiology community, our values have to be lived. We are constantly aspiring to live up to the following ideals to deliver the best experience possible.

Learn About Our Core Values

Create Extraordinary Experiences
Exude Passion
Drive Change at Every Level
Carry the Learner’s Mindset
Inject Your Personality
Think As One, Act As Many

Our Team

Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi

Dr Pratiksha G Gandhi is India’s first woman preventive cardiologist. She has done her medical graduation from the prestigious KEM hospital. Mumbai, India, and she has done her post-graduation in preventive medicine. She is a gold medallist in public health and hospital administration. She is certified expert in Preventive cardiology from the American Society of Preventive Cardiology.

She has been honoured by the late President of India Dr. Kalam and has also been awarded best woman entrepreneur by FE woman in business awards by the honourable finance minister of India in 2006. She is the founder of the Institute of Preventive Cardiology (IPC) since 1999 and has helped over 100,000 patients, to prevent and reverse heart disease. She has contributed to various TV channels and has written more than 3000 articles in various national and international publications on spreading education and awareness on heart health. She has written numerous books including an award-winning’ bypassla Paryay’. She has also been featured in a movie Kahi Shan Preamche (hyperlink)now on Amazon prime.

She has been awarded as a top global woman healthcare leader in 2017, and the International Association of Cardiologists, New York recognized her as a Leading Physician of the world and top preventive cardiologist in California. Currently she is based in Los Angeles California spearheading the worldwide movement of heart health education, with her Global Foundation for Preventive Cardiology. She is also serving as Online Consultant at Prashivyog Heartcare Clinic based in Juhu, Mumbai

Himalayan Yoga Master & Yogipreneur

Shiv Vinay Pandey

A pure soul born and raised in the pristine beauty of the Himalayas, Shiv is an adept yogi with a lifelong mission of serving everyone to help them realize their unique divine nature.

He has formally graduated from the world-famous Patanjali University in Haridwar in Yogic sciences.
With relentless meditation over two decades, he has discovered his own unique yogic kriyas which can only be shared with advanced disciples. He offers worldwide online yoga classes in groups and private sessions. He is founder of the course ‘Conscious living to Superconscious Being’ along with Dr Pratiksha G Gandhi

Preventive Cardiologist

Dr. Prasad Kamble

A caring and compassionate dr. Prasad Kamble MD, Preventive cardiologist and EECP/ ECP therapist trained from Vasomedical, USA is the medical director at prashivyog.

He has done his medical graduation form Volgograd Medical University, Russia. His academic achievements are plenty, notable once being twice topping the university and having seven distinctions in various medical subjects. He is certified in Good Clinical Practices and is a adored by his patients for diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. An excellent researcher he has participated in various national and international clinical research studies. His passion for helping fellow medical students made him initiate project of medicine café to selflessly guide them.

Dr kamble has worked internationally in various positions including hospital management and being on medical advisory board of various clinical institutions in his career. He is very techsavy and excellent in-patient management using telemedicine. A very approachable and committed doctor focused on getting results in each and every patient at prashivyog.

It Started With a Mission to Heal One

ECP Enhanced External Counter Pulsation Therapy was first introduced in Maharashtra and now IPC is having maximum EECP machines in India fromVasoMeditech, New York USA where she is formally trained as EECP Therapist.

IPC is India’s largest chain of preventive and non-surgical cardiac care and also founder member of EECP expert committee in India which is in association with International EECP registry at Pittsburgh, USA. She is acclaimed as pioneer of EECP treatment in India with a documented success rate of over 95% in over 5000 cases.

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